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Here are a few brief tasters of a couple of tracks

Track 2: I am the Ancient One

Track 5 Maria, Quan Yin, Tara

Track 6 Tara Mantra

This is Zubin´s first CD.

The CD comes with a small booklet with explanations of the texts and where appropriate a description of the accompanying Dance. The CD is mantras and songs which have ´come´ to Zubin. All the melodies are original. As the title says they all ´Honour the Divine Feminie´. The CD has 10 tracks, 3 of which are Sanskrit Mantras, which are thousands of years old, the others are songs that have ´come´ to Zubin as she has worked with the energies of these Goddesses in meditation and song.. . The recordings are simple, there is no mixing or modifying, often no accompaniment occasionally drum or sax, just as Zubin works with groups for the Dances of Universal Peace or during Sufi retreats. The CD and booklet cost 21,- Euros & post and packing. To order please send an email.


The second CD is now available. This will be a recording of Mantra singing with overtones as done during a Sound Soul Healing Session. Though the mantras again are thousands of years old, the melodies ´come´ to Zubin, and that is what she sings though it is not unknown for these ´new´ melodies to be very similar to the traditional ones. There is an attunement in the akashas. The CD and booklet cost 33,- Euros & post and packing. To order please send an email.

And even more on the way !

Other CD´s in the planning are Universal Worship, and and Praising the One. Zikrs and other melodies.