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Inspiration for Sale

Here you will find mandalas and other creations for sale.

The mandalas can just be on paper (€5) or be laminated (€10) or be a transfer (€10) to iron onto a T-shirt or natural materials (this is washproof).

There are also bookmarkers with beautiful images and inspiring texts on the back ~ hand written calligraphy.

At the bottom of the page there are 3 black and white mandalas that you can colour yourself.

Are you interested? Would you like to order something? Send an email to and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Element mandala (true size +/-18cm diameter)


There is nothing...(true size +/-18cm diameter


Heart mandala (true size +/- 18cm


Book marker Blue Hearts

Text: "Hearts are all different colours& sizes & they all carry the light " or

"The One & they all respond to Love."


Persoon + Love

Text:: "We reach out for Love and all the time it is inside.


Winged Heart

"The winged heart rises above the mind mesh." or "Only a heart with wings can fly.


Goddess Colour(€4)

Text: "Remember All I am is re-born in youMy Wisdom, My Wildness, My PowerOpen to these qualities in you


Woman (€3,50)

Text: "The Goddess is the Source of All Life" or "One in Love, One in Peace, There is Only One" or "Many small people, in many small places, who do many small things ~ can change the face of the world.


Black Goddess (€ 4)

Text: "I am the Ancient One you live in Me, I am the Ancient One living in You.



Great Mother Snake (€4)

Text: "Ama Usum Gal Ana Ama Usum Ama Gal Dingir

Mother Snake, Great Being, Holy Heavenly Snake, Mother Great Radiant Goddess




Multicolori Hearts (3,50)

Text: 'Love unites us all' or 'When you look LOVE is all there is' or 'Love Unites' or "I am convinced that LOVE is the most durable power in the world. M. L. King Jr.



Sun Mandal



Use all the letters and let them all spell LOVE


Heart Mandal