Mantra Sound Healing

Sound is vibration and everything is made up of vibrations. Vibration is movement.   When we feel good we are vibrating at our usual or at a high level. When we don’t’feel so good our vibrational level is lower. There are times when life literally feels heavier .  Mantra Sound Healing  can offer some help here as it offers a means of  triggering your  normal / higher level of resonance, clearing away old blockages and restoring your original level of vibration.

The old mantras from the Hindu tradition carry a special energy that is both of the earth and at the same time very connected to the akashic worlds. They confirm the connection between heaven and earth.  They are connected to fields of power that can raise us up out of our daily concerns and that can stimulate our awareness that there really is more between heaven and earth than the rational mind can Perceive.  

A session of Mantra Sound Healing offers a doorway to spiritual healing. It is therefore IN NO WAY a replacement for other regular healing methods,  but is complimentary to them. It works at the level of the soul. For complete healing it is often necessary to heal not only the body but also the soul (heart and spirit).  In this way we can break though old patterns and transform what have been lasting impressions that limit us in our full ‘being;.

During a Mantra Sound Healing you may lie or sit (which ever is the easiest for you) in order to completely relax and to release yourself to the power of the sounds. Then the overtone singing begins for you. Every session is different. Zubin Nur surrenders herself as sound shamaan to build a bridge between you and your highest good in that moment. This is not about ‘beautiful singing’, but about finding the sounds through which blokkades can be released and sounds and prana  can move freely again through your being. In this way movement can open the way to healing. This singing is more connected to raga singing than to what we in the West regard as ‘normal’ singing. All the sounds are made by the voice, there is no musical accompaniment.

  • Four Hindu mantras are used:
  • for spiritual wisdom;
  • for the original connection to abundance;
  • for transformation
  • for clearing the all obstacles on your path.

After the singing there is a period of silence. Time for the sounds to ring out and to gradually come back to everyday life.

Whoever knows the mystery of vibrations indeed knows all things.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

A Sound Soul Healing session costs  €120,-  and lasts about  1 - 1½ hours.

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Mantra Sound Healing