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Spiritual Coaching

There are of course many ways to enrich your knowledge of yourself. Spiritual coaching is one of the ways. It is a path of  taking responsibility for who you are and for what happens to you and how you can respond instead of re-act to life. There is only one thing in life that we can really change and that is ourselves. If we really want to see change in the world then we will have to begin with ourselves. This is where we can start. We have authority over ourselves.

What is your position in life and how you can maintain your balance when challenges are set before you? We often see quite clearly where another “could respond differently” but when it comes to ourselves are we as insightful then? How clearly can we see ourselves? It can be useful to have support in doing this. Infact when you get something in your eye then you often have to ask someone else to help you to get it out as you can’t see clearly into your own eye.

Zubin Nur’s starting point is that nothing happens for nothing. There is always something to learn from our own actions and ‘re-actions’ and from the events that we meet on our path. By means of talk and spiritual practise you can develop insights into yourself and you can learn that you can stand tall in your own strength whatever storms may blow over you. Learning to live from your power. This is your heartslight.

Life is full of grace. If you don’t learn from a lesson life gives you, it will give you another one in a different packaging, a different form which may be acceptable. Then you suddenly see the connections between the patterns that have been passing through your life and how certain themes re-occur.
And when you have learned, then life will give you many different chances to use what you have learned in various situations and different ways in which you can implement it.. Ways to see whether we can see the connections or not. How universally we have learned to use these tools. Whether we can also use what we have learned in the new situation. It can be very useful to have a point of support and reflection. Someone you trust who you trust to stand by you as you look in the mirror of your life. Sharing insights and without judgements. Together on the way toward the embodiment of your own wisdom.

Our breath is an important instrument and tool as we go through our life. It is like a meter that is constantly there and will give us much insight into how we are in each moment. A large part of knowing yourself can be making friends with your breath. Do you know when your breath stops? When you hold it in? Or when you breath out and there is no strength to breath in again? Or you have the feeling you are breathing out and gliding into an emptiness?
Your breath can be your best friend that constantly helps you to maintain your own balance.

Also your thoughts are very important. How do you think about yourself? With which words do you address yourself? Do you bring yourself down? Are you patient and understanding with yourself? That which you do not give yourself you cannot give to others. It’s like trying to share food from an empty cupboard. Many of us have not been brought up in this way. We have often learned that we ‘should be there for the other’. However it is important that in the first place we are there for ourselves, being from our place of inner strength. From this place we will be in a stronger position to serve others; everytime feeling and deciding from how we feel right now.

There are various forms and possibilities for Spiritual Coaching.
Here are some of the options:
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