There lies a great power in rituals. Often we have our own (sometimes unconscious) morning ritual as we get up, evening ritual for going to bed or mealtime ritual especially around the main meal of the day. With the move of modern culture away from organized religions many ritual moments have been lost, forgotten or reduced to a party. There is now a growing consciousness of the value of ritual celebrations for special moments/ events both in daily life, on the path of life and in the circle of the year ~ there is much to be honoured and celebrated.


Examples of ritual opportunities:

© Welcoming, naming and blessing a baby;
© to celebrate and honour the step of going to school;
© Rites of passage such as:
© teenagers entering puberty
© the beginning of menstruation for girls (a comparable ritual for boys with a mens’ group);
            © on leaving home;
            © at the time of ‘the change’ for women ~ entering the Crone part of the life cycle;
            © Crone time;
            © moon rituals;           
            © a separation;
            © moving house ~ the releasing and closing of one place and the clearing of the energy of a new place;
            © new work or schooling;
            © after loss in whatever form;

© commitment to a partnership, celebration of a partnership, blessings on a partnership;
© after being attacked, burgled or sexual violence or a traumatic experience;
            © clearing of old behaviour patterns or blocks that no longer serve you;
            © death: the transition from this life to the next..

For example the loss of a beloved, can be a ritual moment to ask for blessing and support and so to acknowledge this space in your life. A ritual with time to remember and share memories, favourite music of the loved one who has passed, time to gather with friends at a favourite place in a building or in nature, the opportunity to expresses your feelings at this time of change; making music together, singing, moving or sharing silence with flowers and images, with prayer or silence; being together in concentration and awareness.

Loss can be felt in many ways, death being one of the most confronting, other times may be loss of work or health.

There are many more possibilities.  When you feel inside you will know when there is something in your life which
asks for more attention for opening, closing for celebration or transformation. A ritual is a special way of doing that. It can be a way of clearing up ‘old energy or wounds’ to give them another place in your life, to transform them to rich compost for the now and the future.

A ritual creates a special moment. It needs attention and concentration for the contents and the form. There are conscious decisions to be made, e.g.: who will be invited to participate? May the people take part or are they more or less silent witnesses? There are many different ways in which to let people participate ~ without it becoming  a vague experience with no boundaries. A decision needs to be made as to who holds the concentration during the ritual?  Can you do that yourself or are you too involved and do you want to ask someone else to be the ‘container’ and to guard the ritual energetically.

© Zubin Nur  has more than 12 years experience in arranging, forming , leading and holding rituals and does this from a place of heart concentration. She is also experienced in bringing and holding people together (people also from various paths and religious beliefs) in a peaceful, warm and safe space.

©  The price for your ritual depends on the ritual celebration, on the guidance and support necessary during the preparation and the length of the whole. There are so many different aspects and possibilities. A guideline is:
guidance in the preparation per telephone: €63; €81- as concentration holder/ leader of the ritual + travelling expenses. (+ travelling expenses).

© Take a look if you like at the information on the Universal Worship.  It is also possible to set up a ritual together with you to celebrate an event in a Universal way. This could be an inclusive gathering where , mantras, prayers, dance, and texts from various world religions and ways of wisdom are brought together with feeling, integrity and insight.

© Another opportunity is a Peace Ritual during this plants symbolically representing the various continents are fed with blessing and water.

© Zubin Nur is also a  conductor of the ‘Absent Healing Ritual’ within the  “Dervish Healing Order”. This is a meeting whereby people gather to send prayers and healing energy to others and to places on earth where there is great need, war or other troubles. If this work interests you take at look at Absent Healing Ritual

Call Zubin Nur at 026 3890121 for more information and to work out what suits you.


(S omeone who is initiated to lead this ritual.)


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