Healing Ritual

The full name of this ritual (also initiated by Hazrat Inayat Khan) is “The Absent Healing Ritual”. It is so called because the participants gather to offer their services for others who need healing but are not present.

Hazrat Inayat Khan travelled widely in Europe and in the United States. He noticed as he visited his students that they sometimes become ill and that though the Dr’s could heal them physically there could also be a necessity for spiritual healing. This is the kind of healing this ritual is about. It is not a replacement for Dr’s or health care.

There are 3 parts to the preparation for the ritual during which we meditate and concentrate on becoming empty and open to be used as channels for Divine Healing. Then a list of names is read. Those participating in the ritual do not have their names on this list.

There is also a silent part where the concentration may be on others whose names have not been mentioned or on places on earth where healing is felt to be necessary.

These meetings are open to those who feel called to serve others as a channel for Divine Healing. If you feel you would like to participate in this ritual please call Zubin NUr 026 3890121.