What is Hearts Light

What is Heartslight?

This site holds an insight into Zubin Nur’s concentration on Healing, Rituals, Inner Development, Sacred Wisdom, and Spiritual Growth both for individuals and for groups.

Zubin Nur has travelled widely around the world both within Europe and to Australia and New Zealand, India and Peru. Gleaning wisdom and deepening her learning and connections both to the Earth and to the Peoples of the Earth, the People of One Heart. She is also trained in non-violent communication, Bach Flower Remedies, aroma therapy, irisdiagnostiek, kinesiology, psychology, meditation and the wisdom of the sacred traditions both natural and structured within the various religious traditions. Her experience is that there is One power which connects ALL. All the traditions, all the believing and dis-believing is ALL the same when we listen with the ears of the heart.

We find ourselves in a time of rapid change, chaos ensues, many feel the uncertainty of these times. Some draw back to old ways, to rules and values to find their stability; others go inward, exploring what this change means to them, searching for new ways, their ways to keep balanced in this ever changing Stream of Life; others go forward into the unknown breaking ground for those who will follow. Zubin Nur offers various personal pathways of inner wisdom, reflection and support for your inner and spiritual development. There IS NO wrong way, there is only your way.

Zubin Nur’s insight is that the more we each follow our own inner guidance the more we will live in our power and encourage others to do the same ~ this is the path of your ‘Hearts Light’.