Who is Zubin Nur


Who is Zubin Nur?

Zubin Nur was born in England, moved to Germany in 1981 and to The Netherlands in 1991.

As a child she found little comfort in a Church which offered a heaven only for it’s own believers. She had already felt that bliss was an inner state ~ not dependant on institutions or dogmas. She also witnessed the hypocrisy of attending religious services only to disregard the message even on the steps of the building.

Her search led her to many different forms and traditions but as soon as it was clear that there was no capacity to accept others of a different tradition and offer them also an equal place in the world (and in heaven) she knew this was not her ‘spiritual home’.

For many years she followed her own inner guidance and searched no more. Eventually the traumas of childhood asked to be transformed following process introduced her to the Inayati Sufis. Once she read had her first book by Inayat Khan she knew she had found her spiritual family. A family that included All. A way founded in the Unity of Religious Ideals. The Path of the Heart. Since 1994 she has walked the Path of Western Sufism, following first a path within the Sufi Movement and later with a main concentration in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. She also walks the path of the Mevlevi Order of America.

The practise of Zikr is an ever deepening way of life for Zubin Nur. The practise comes from the Islamic tradition. Zikr is a practise of “Remembering” ~ the words used mean: “There is nothing, which is not a part of Divine Unity.”  The more the practise is done the deeper the awareness grows, the stronger the connectedness is between the practise and the truth of it in everyday life.

Following her path Zubin Nur has unfolded her deep connection with the Divine Feminine. (Also present from childhood, only later to be ever more deeply embodied and understood.) This combined with the practises from other ‘patriarchal’ traditions has deepened her realization of the Divine Feminine has never ‘gone away’ ~ but has been waiting, waiting to be ‘remembered’. She has been there all along, hidden in the depths of the Kyrie Eleison and the Ave Maria, the Zikr and Ishq (Divine Love), and the Shema. In nature She is not even hidden ~ it is we who have not noticed her Presence absorbed as we have been in the development of techniques and industrial-ization. The time is here, now to harmonise the two. To achieve our highest realization by remembering the Unity of the Whole.

There is nothing that is not part of that Whole. This is a challenge to our modern minds, so used to compartmentalizing and ordering things. However it may be that we waste a lot of time either trying to ‘keep things in their box’ or re-ordering the compartments, instead of just ‘being’. We have been born into an arrogance which believes that we are the top of the evolutionary ladder. This concept does not serve us or our beautiful planet. It does not serve our deepest needs nor guide us to the solutions for the future. It is time for the path of ‘unlearning’ that we may harvest the useful and remember the Wisdom which we forgot on our way here. We as humans have forgotten much, yet this Wisdom has been remembered for us by the Stone and the Waters of our planet and they too are awaiting our return to this Remembering. This is the purpose of this site and of Zubin Nur’s work. This too is your purpose to become truly yourself, aware of your place in the whole and of how you, your actions, deeds and thoughts make a vital difference to the Whole; the Yin & the Yang; Shiva & Kali;  Christ & Maria, the Light & the Darkness, the strong power of Mohammed (peace be with Him) and the tender understanding of his empowerment of women.

Her experience and belief is that the path of Spiritual Unfoldment is a personal path which cannot be compared or copied. This is her position in guiding/encouraging/supporting people. Spiritual Unfoldment is an inner path, of experience and Divine Unity. While it is personal it can be valuable to reflect with another, to feel that there is a deep support for your personal path and to look in the mirror through the eyes and ears of the Heart. This is the work which Zubin Nur offers. No-one can do it for you but you can ask for help and guidance on the way.

May you travel well, may you feel the Unity on your path.
Zubin Nur